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pushing a car that is out of gas Let’s face it your vehicle needs gas, but does it need just any gas? Of course not, it needs high performance gas designed by professionals to keep your engine running clean and smooth. That’s why at Sunburst66 we sell Phillips 66 gasoline. Phillips 66 provides performance gas whose quality detergents not only meet and exceed the EPA mandated requirements but meet and even exceed the “Top Tier” standard recommended by some of the world’s leading auto manufactures.

Too much of a good thing can be just that, too much that’s why Phillips 66 works hard to ensure that each drop has the right balance of power and cleaning efficiency. It may be hard to walk that knife edge, but it is worth it to produce high quality performance gas. So, don't just fill your tank, fill it with high performance Phillips 66 gasoline!


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Propane tank Propane burns hot and clean. It may be the ideal fuel for today cooking and grilling needs. Don’t be caught unprepared when you have guest over for that backyard Barbeque. Come over and top off your Grill’s tank. RV road trip on the schedule, make sure you have enough propane.

No one likes to talk about it, or even think about it too much; but, what if that earthquake happens or that blizzard hits. Having a supply of propane may mean the difference between taking care of your own needs and having to rely on someone else.

Not only is propane grate for outdoor recreation needs, it’s great for running environmentally friendly vehicles. Sunburst66 has Propane! Not only do we have competitive prices but we can fill all kinds of propane tanks from RV’s and travel trailer to grills and camp stoves. Stop by and let Sunburst66 help you will all your propane needs!