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    Your time is precious

    Your time is precious; you can’t afford to waste it. At Sunburst 66 we understand, call us ahead of time to make an appointment. You’ll find that our hours are convenient and making an appointment is easy. Save time and money with Sunburst66

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    Maintenance is the key.

    To keep your car running in in tip top shape Preventive Maintenance is the key. We offer many different types of Maintenance services, from oil Change and tune-ups to complete car washes. Our skilled Mechanics know what your vehicle needs to keep it running smooth. Save time and avoid costly repair bill by trusting your vehicle’s maintenance to us.

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    Tires and Wheels are the foundation.

    Not only do tires and wheels make your vehicle look good, they keep it running at peak efficiency. Let us help you find the best tires and wheels. Not, only make your vehicle look good but to keep it running at its best.

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    Don’t let a breakdown slow you down.

    Sometimes it happens, usually when you’re in a hurry. Your vehicle has broken down. Let us help. We have full service repair bays. Our skilled automotive technicians will have your car up and running ASAP.

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Food Martand Car Wash:

Food Mart

Soft drinks, premium coffee, ice cream, and your favorite snacks are all available in our well stocked Food Mart. Sunburst66 has what you need to make those road trips a little more pleasant.

Forgot something, run out of this or that? No need to make a trip to the Supermarket. The Food Mart is stocked to with essentials to save you time.

Car Wash

A clean vehicle says something about the driver, it leaves a lasting impression. Clean cars look good and provide preventive maintenance to protect the body and paint of your vehicle. Prevent the corrosive effects of dirt, grim, and salt from damaging your vehicle. Our state of the art, laser guided touchless car wash system, will effectively and easily blast the dirt and grime from your car. For those do-it-yourselfers we have several self-service bays that will allow you to clean your own Vehicle until you have it “just right” Get a car wash today.

why us?

Locally owned and operated

We are a local company owned and operated right here in Utah. We provide Jobs that push money back into the local economy. Supporting local businesses first, strengthens the local economy. Additionally, we are committed to earning your business not only for today but we want to earn your business for a lifetime. We are committed to honest dealings with our automotive repair practices. We are committed to keeping our prices competitive, and to providing you with an excellent customer service experience. Come in and let us earn your respect and your trust.

Performance Gas

Let’s face it your vehicle needs gas, but does it need just any gas? Of course not, it needs high performance gas designed by professionals to keep your engine running clean and smooth. That’s why at Sunburst66 we sell Phillips 66 gasoline. Phillips 66 provides performance gas whose quality detergents not only meet and exceed the EPA mandated requirements but meet and even exceed the “Top Tier” standard recommended by some of the world’s leading auto manufactures. So, don't just fill your tank fill it with Performance gasoline!